Sunday, May 22, 2011

Go Green!!!

Top Environmental Issues
The world cannot go a day without having new problems. Disasters, social issues and pandemics are only a few of them. But what continues to haunt humans daily is the fact that the environment is slowly deteriorating everyday. Environmental issues cloud over the hope and future of generations to come. Although efforts have been made they don’t seem to be enough. Here are the issues that top the heart-breaking list:
§ Climate change – Global warming is as popular as a box-office hit movie. It’s because it’s a clear shot of every human being’s abuse to the environment. And the ripple effect of climate change is so massive that practically everything is affected. It has brought about more storms, more deadly diseases, extreme weather, earthly disasters such as floods and heat waves, and it has also brought about plant and animal extinction.
§ Overpopulation – It cannot be denied that there is a link between overpopulation and poverty. Poor countries become poorer and the gap between the privileged and those suffering from paucity has gotten bigger. Many have become promiscuous but refuse to practice safe sex or lobby for reproductive health in fear of going against church beliefs.
§ Big oil vs. renewable energy – While there’s an abundant source of renewable energy from the sun, the wind and the earth, many still produce energy from fossil fuels because big oil companies seem to dominate the economy. So there are those who refuse to subsidize research and harvesting of renewable energy from natural sources. Energy production from fossil fuel continues to cause harmful gas emissions that lead to global warming.
§ Endangered species – Many plants and animals are threatened to extinction because of climate change and aquatic and land mass abuse. The African elephant, the bald eagle and the golden toad are only a few of what we might not be able to see anymore in the years to come. Species extinction can badly affect the food chain and the whole environment itself.

Green It and Love It

Does being a green home owner have an appealing ring to it? Whether you’re thinking of having an old kitchen or bedroom renovated or planning to build a healthy home, there’s one advice from modern-day architects and contractors you won’t regret: “green it!”
If you’re tearing things apart in your existing home, take the opportunity to identify pre-existing toxicity problems. A certified indoor air quality inspector may be of help to you in this aspect. When you’ve looked at the blueprint for your healthy home and you’re determined to proceed and green it, one of the things you also need to do is to collate a list of suppliers and home improvement stores which can provide many environmentally friendly products like non-toxic paints. Do you feel like you lack the resources or expertise to make well-informed choices leading to the building of your healthy home? Check out websites, or get recommendations from architect-friends.
For your kitchen or bathroom, don’t forget to have a vent installed to pull in fresh air from the outside. Prioritize cross ventilation so you can enjoy natural heat and cooling as much as you can. For your cabinets and shelves, find less toxic materials. Products made from bamboo are worthy options. Thinking about carpeting? Carpets easily collect dust mites and dander, impeding easy breathing. Better alternatives are bamboo flooring, cork or hardwood with a throw rug made of natural fibers.
When construction of your home is completed, take additional steps to constantly green it by using eco-friendly cleaning products. Replace appliances that don’t run efficiently. The wrong refrigerator, tv, or microwave oven may not make you sick, but those that consume much energy contribute to air pollution and global climate change.
Simple Tips on How to Go Green
Going green is a phrase you hear more often these days. It’s because people have finally come to realize that they should help save the environment in their own little ways instead of waiting for the government or environmental groups to do everything. Some don’t realize that it’s a person’s over-all lifestyle and daily demands that have piled up to all the inhuman practices which cause global warming. Yes, there are natural phenomena, but most environmental issues and disasters are still human-induced. So how do you start going green? Here are 3 useful tips that will help cut back on carbon emissions, save more money, and also restore your health.
§ Cut back on energy consumption- It is wise to do outdoor activities again instead of staying on the couch all day and watching TV or fiddling with your computer. You get to save a lot of energy and also reduce your risk of obesity. Always turn off appliance and unplug them when not in use. You’ll save about 30% of energy in a year. And continue to upgrade them. Change your light bulbs to smart energy-saving bulbs. They give more light and consume less energy. And use lap top computers instead of PC’s. Believe it or not they consume 90% less energy if you maximize the battery.
§ Take a walk and eat smart – Walk to work or to any short distance destination. You’ll cut back on around 8,000 pounds of carbon emission annually if you let your car rest more often. Walking won’t hurt you and will better your cardiovascular health. Also, take organic food and eat low on the food chain. Have as many meatless days possible.
§ Save water and counter global warming – Shower for shorter periods of time and use low-flow showerheads to save water. Have drought-tolerant plants in the garden so you don’t have to water them all the time, and don’t forget to plant a tree. If global warming seems hard to runaway from, then to something to counter it gradually. A tree eats up carbon dioxide and releases oxygen during photosynthesis. Planting a tree is like installing a lifetime air cleaner.

Green Living Tips for Today’s Young People

In today’s ecologically conscious world, many smart young people are heeding the green living tips offered by parents and older peers. The benefits are clear. Eco-friendly products translate to huge cost savings and minimize harm to the environment.
So how do today’s young people show they care for the environment? Let’s start with modern commuting trends. If you’re college-bound kid is not the lucky recipient of an environmentally friendly car (as a graduation or birthday gift), then chances are, he/she may be taking public transportation (which is good) or driving the traditional car. Don’t look now but ingenious minds have devised an online social rideshare and carpool matching system that uses a popular social networking site to hook riders up with drivers en route to a common destination.
For the young ladies in the family who love to shop, green living tips they may have gravitated to include bringing their own eco tote bag so as not to amass more plastic bags than can be reused at home. In so doing, young gals (and their shopaholic moms, too) get to save lots of trees and keep plastic bags out of landfills.
Young ones also contribute to resource conversation by keeping in mind other green living tips like taking quick showers, buying and using products – like organic cosmetics -- that do not contain synthetic substances, as well as clothes and accessories made of organic cotton or hemp. Switching off room lights and computer equipment (including the monitor) when not in use and going for green food options are likewise some of the ways to lessen the eco footprint.

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