Saturday, December 1, 2012

Flare Gas Recovery Ejector

To prevent gas emissions to atmosphere, a simple flare gas recovery system was required which could safely and economically compress low pressure waste gas back into the production process.

Transvac Flare Gas Recovery Ejectors are ideally  suited to this application because they can employe high-pressure gas energy; from an existing source, to entrain and compress waste to a pressure where the gas can be used in the production process.

For this application the Transvac Ejector was designed to use high pressure motive gas from the 2nd stage Compressor discharge to entrain low pressure flare gas and to discharge into the inlet of the 1st stage Compressor.

The Gas Ejector was designed to handle the maximum flare gas flow conditions, but in order to maintain the desired pressure conditions on the low pressure side a simple control system is used to recycle make-up gas from the discharge of the Ejector. 

      Emission of greenhouse gases to atmosphere eliminated
      Potential reduction in tax liability
      Waste gas is recovered and added to production
      No running costs because existing energy used to motivate the Ejector
      Ejector has no moving parts
      No maintenance (very attractive for remote installations)
      Simple to install as part of existing pipework system
      Low cost option
      Safe, reliable operation
      Easy to control using standard techniques

Transvac Flare Gas Recovery Systems are designed to meet site specific requirements and to recognised codes including ASME B31.3 etc. with full non-destructive testing.

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This is one option for most petrochemical and fertilizer plants. Its benefits are clear and no doubt.

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