Saturday, January 31, 2009

Predictive and Preventive Maintenance

Practical Advice for Predictive and Preventive Maintenance

With shrinking budgets and fewer resources, plant management must find ways to improve equipment reliability while optimizing cost efficiencies, says Bart Winters, senior marketing manager, Reliability Solutions, Honeywell Process Solutions. A key factor to ensuring equipment reliability is to focus on predictive and preventive maintenance, he says. Following, according to Winters, are crucial things to consider for predictive and preventive maintenance:

  • Start at the beginning. Develop overall condition/performance assessment of plant wide assets
  • Know your assets. Understand the current state of each asset and its condition
  • Develop collaboration. Create a partnership between operations, maintenance and suppliers for quicker resolution of issues
  • Prevent surprises. Reduce equipment damage by operating in the design envelope
  • Performance and condition monitoring. Monitor instruments and the control system, rotating equipment and fixed equipment to predict behavior and detect conditions before failure
  • Early event detection. Use performance-to-failure model to detect issues early
  • Ongoing maintenance. Implement a continuous improvement process to ensure optimum asset performance

"Consider that just one percent improvement of overall equipment effectiveness at a plant can equal roughly $1 million in savings, and it’s easy to see that sites embracing proactive and predictive maintenance, including best-in-class work practices and technology, can improve operational performance, asset reliability, manage costs and minimize downtime," says Winters.

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